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Written by: Lactalis Canada

Lactalis Canada is the Canadian dairy leader behind many of the iconic brands Canadians know and love, including Cracker Barrel, Black Diamond, P’tit Québec, Balderson, Cheestrings Ficello, aMOOza!, Astro, Khaas, siggi’s, iÖGO, iÖGO nanö, Olympic, Lactantia, Beatrice, Marie Morin Canada, Galbani, and Président. Lactalis Canada is part of the family-owned Lactalis Group, the world’s leading dairy company, headquartered in Laval, France.  

As a full-service dairy supplier, Lactalis Canada Foodservice crafts and delivers exceptional dairy solutions across the foodservice industry through our wide range of quality products and trusted, best-selling brands. Simply put, we ensure product and service superiority that meets consumer preferences and delivers customer satisfaction. 

Canadian Made with Simple & Natural Ingredients 

Our purpose is to enrich and nurture the lives of Canadians. We do this by providing Canadians with nutritious, high-quality products that contribute to their health and wellness.  

With operations throughout Québec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia, from our milk and cheese, to our yogourt and butter, Canadian restaurants can feel good about using Lactalis Canada’s wholesome products in their dishes, knowing they are made right here in Canada with simple and natural ingredients.  

Quality Excellence 

Quality is at the heart of everything we do, and just like our restaurant partners, we aim to see that expression of delight on people’s faces when we deliver the best in quality every day.  

As part of the world’s number one dairy company, with more than 140 years of brand heritage right here in Canada, we take great pride in our local craftsmanship and global know-how to offer the highest quality of wholesome and nutritious products to Canadians. 

For the Goodness of Dairy 

We know that dairy is recognized by Health Canada as an excellent food source, providing many of the essential nutrients that Canadians require for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle at all ages and stages of life*. 

We also know that *1 in 5 Canadians are lactose intolerant. From lactose-free milk, yogourt and cheese, Lactalis Canada offers an array of lactose free products certified by the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation so that Canadians with digestive sensitivities can enjoy all the nutritional benefits of dairy without compromising on taste.  

The Blue Cow Logo 

Over 650 of Lactalis Canada products carry the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s Blue Cow logo – a widely-recognized symbol for products made with 100% high-quality, nutritious Canadian milk, produced in accordance with some of the most stringent food safety, milk quality, traceability, biosecurity, animal welfare and environmental stewardship standards in the world.  

Local, Responsible Sourcing 

The pandemic has shown us that not only is local or Canadian sourcing good for the environment, it is essential to ensure consistent ingredient supply to efficiently meet consumer demand.  

From our ingredients to our packaging, we source from trusted and respected suppliers that adhere to the highest standards of ethical, sustainable and responsible sourcing and we continue to expand our Canadian and local sourcing programs, adopting several well-known assurance seals such as the Blue Cow logo, as well as the Made in Ontario and Aliments du Québec certifications. 


In 2022, we more than doubled the volume of organic product offered, with the launch of seven Olympic-branded organic product skus across our yogourt and fluid milk categories, includinglarger 1.75-kg format Olympic Organic yogourt and 4-litre jugs of Olympic Organic milk, both providing larger size formats in 100% recyclable packaging. 

Leveraging Collective Expertise to Deliver Excellence in Canadian Foodservice   

Through our partnership with the Canadian Culinary Federation, we have the benefit of collaborating with industry professionals and experts to help craft and deliver exceptional dairy solutions for menu preparation, new trends and the overall foodservice experience, as well as product research and development under our best-selling brands Astro, iÖGO, Beatrice, Black Diamond, Cracker Barrel, Galbani Professionale, Lactantia, Mozzabene, Président Professionnel, P’tit Québec, Racolli, and siggi’s. 

*Health Canada: Do Canadian Adults Meet Their Nutrient Requirements Through Food Intake 


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