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What to Expect at RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE?


It’s been a year. A bumpy one. It’s time to write the script for the year ahead.

The RC Show has always been a highlight in the Canadian foodservice industry calendar. It’s where progressive restaurateurs, chefs, suppliers, and other foodies gather to discover new products, make new connections and learn from local and global experts. It’s a conference. It’s a trade show. It’s an experience. 

Like so many other events in a world transformed by the pandemic, Canada’s leading foodservice and hospitality event will have a new format in 2021. RC Show 2021 will be ONLINE LIVE, delivering all the connection opportunities, shopping and sourcing, professional insights, thought-leadership, and excitement the industry has come to expect through augmented reality and a virtual technology platform.

Challenging Times

Pre-COVID, the Canadian foodservice sector was a $93 billion industry, employing over a million people, and feeding more than 22 million customers from coast to coast each day. At the height of the pandemic, the foodservice and hospitality sector lost more than 800,000 jobs. An estimated 10 per cent of foodservice establishments have already permanently closed. Restrictions continue and there are more trials to come. However, our industry is creative, resilient, and hopeful, and Restaurants Canada has been here to lead the industry in its recovery. That’s why the theme for RC Show 2021 is Feeding The Recovery: Rebuild, Reinvent, Reconnect.

It’s hard to imagine a more timely or appropriate theme. As an industry, it’s time to rebuild and reinvent ourselves. To reconnect with one another, with the supply chain, and with customers as well as colleagues. To spark new interest from and link to a wider community as a whole. The RC Show 2021, which will take place February 28 – March 3 2021, is a chance to reunite and inspire one of the hardest-hit industries, while providing the tools, solutions, and knowledge operators need to face the challenges ahead.

Cutting-Edge Technology

RC Show 2021 will be ONLINE LIVE, but it won’t be a collection of talking-head webinars, or just another video conference. Powered by NexTech AR Solutions, the Show will offer custom augmented reality, 3D and holographic experiences. All the speakers, panels and programming will be delivered with broadcast quality sound and visuals. In addition, attendees can watch programming they might have missed, on-demand at a later date.

This platform aims to bridge the gap between an in-person and virtual experience and deliver a dynamic B2B trade show experience. As Paul Duffy, President of NexTech AR Solutions says, “It’s where the universe of opportunity collides with the physical world.” Exhibitors can create customized augmented reality experiences for their online booths. Imagine engaging  holographic versions of products that attendees can manipulate in 3D on their own devices. Or lively holograms of brand ambassadors who can make presentations to buyers. Plus live chat, one-on-one meetings, networking rooms and advanced analytics. This revolutionary technology opens the door to a wider audience as buyers and operators from across Canada and around the globe can easily participate from virtually anywhere.

World-Class Content

The RC Show always presents cutting-edge products and services, inspirational speakers and innovative ideas. The 2021 Show will be no different. Moderated panels and interactive speaker sessions will unfold across three stages: Speaker, Bar & Beverage and Culinary, to provide solutions and insights relevant to professionals across all aspects of the industry.  Sunday will be dedicated to independent restaurants, to emphasize the interests and solutions needed by the small businesses that have borne so much.

The programming schedule will cover topics of wide-ranging interest. Uncover new profit models and delivery solutions to determine which version is right for you. Learn the best ways to represent yourself on social media. Learn more about the rules and regulations when it comes to cannabis, and hear from experts on what’s working for them right now. Devise strategies to aid staff with mental health issues. Explore the best way to pandemic proof your bar. Learn how to riff on classic cocktails while adding your own signature. Attendees can even participate in online activations with top-of-the-line brands. RC Show 2021 will deliver the content needed right now as well as best practices to help you succeed well into the future. 


To help with Feeding The Recovery, RC Leadership content will be available to all attendees and exhibitors as part of the Show programming. You’ll learn about the latest trends, find out where the industry is headed, and hear from keynote speakers during all four days. Meet the industry’s most energetic and revitalizing up-and-comers, trailblazers and the ones to watch. Hear from government relations specialists about what measures and programs are available to help businesses. Breakfast With Champions will be back with a new line-up of pioneers, research-driven facts and insights.

Each year, RC Show’s CEO panel is one of the hottest, highly-attended, most sought after sessions of the whole Show. Restaurants Canada is pleased to offer you more of what you’re looking for. RC Show 2021 will present multiple CEO panels split out by sector. Hear from the leaders of quick- and full-service restaurants, as well as key leaders from across the bar and beverage industry. Each panel will be smaller and more tightly focused than in previous years. This more intimate set up will allow the opportunity for deeper dives into success strategies, and give more attendees the chance to gain from the collected wisdom of CEOs of all stripes.

Rebuild, Reinvent, Reconnect

RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE might feel a little different, but so does the whole world. The need to innovate is stronger than ever, and the RC Show 2021 is where to make that happen. You’ll find show offers, top brands, and the most innovative products at the virtual trade show. You’ll be informed and inspired by the expert speakers. Don’t miss the hospitality event of the year.

Come to RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE to reconnect, reinvent and rebuild better than ever. Be a part of feeding the recovery; not only your own, but the entire industry’s. All proceeds generated from the show go back into supporting the strength of the industry through government advocacy, education, events and connection. Because fueling the community, no matter how large or small, is the core driver of the foodservice sector.

What’s New at RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE

  • Immersive technology platform
  • Augmented reality, 3D and holographic experiences
  • Broadcast quality programming
  • RC Leadership Conference content integrated into RC Show programmingFour action-packed days
  • International buyers program bringing global experts and buyers to the RC Show

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