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The Quarterly Canadian Restaurant Intelligence Report

One-on-one with Chef Pierre A. Richard of Little Louis’ Oyster Bar

Chef Pierre A. Richard once had the opportunity to move and work in Calgary, but the East Coast was calling. He decided against the move, staying in Moncton.

Chef Pierre is inspired by the terroir of the maritimes and though he travels across Canada and the world, those travels have increased his appreciation of his own terroir. 

Moncton is close to the ocean, marshlands, and the woods making the area’s terroir diverse. With fresh seafood and foraged produce, Chef Pierre is spoiled and he brings this variety to the menu at his restaurant Little Louis’ Oyster Bar

Chef Pierre works one-on-one with farmers; he travels to local markets every week to see what’s new and to meet those who produce the food he uses. These conversations with producers influences what Chef Pierre creates on the seasonal menu. 

Chef Pierre notes that Food Day Canada is a great opportunity to ramp up advocacy for Canadian cuisine. Having this specific day to celebrate provides him a chance to communicate the importance of local terroir to customers. However, he also stresses the gravity of celebrating Canadian food, not just one day a year, but every day. He says, “I celebrate Food Day Canada every day, by doing what I do in my restaurant”.

One-on-one with Pierre A. Richard of Little Louis' Oyster Bar

Do you have a lucky charm in the kitchen?

Not really, but I do believe in karma. 

What’s the last thing you burned?

Celeriac puree, but it’s actually really good!

Your favourite spice?

Really depends on my mood, but black pepper is a go-to. 

What makes you “kitchen angry”?

When guests provide fake allergies (because they just don’t want to eat something) and not marking on the order board when the last item was taken.

Latest flavour combination you discovered?

Rhubarb, white chocolate, and sumac.

What’s your most extravagant purchase?

White truffles

Favourite song in the kitchen?

I like a good playlist! 

What’s your comfort food?

Acadian poutine râpée

What’s your most essential tool?

My knives, I’m really enjoying my Smith and Spathis blade at the moment – they’re from Montreal.

If you could change anything in the food industry, what would it be?

Mandatory beach days.

Favourite smell in the kitchen?


What’s your bad habit?

Thinking too much about work.

What do you admire in other chefs?

Their hard work, passion, and technical skills.

What or who is your greatest inspiration?

Traveling and trying new restaurants.

The dish you are proudest of?

I was proud of the dish I served up at the James Beard House in New York City.

What’s your end of the world menu?

Our Food Day Canada menu.

Your favourite advice or quote?

“Be the best you can be.”

What is the one ingredient that you would never buy if it is not produced locally?

Maple syrup 

What is your favourite local drink?

Kissing Rocks Kombucha 

What is Canadian food to you?

To me, Canadian food is pretty much whatever you want it to be! As long, you are using Canadian produce, I think it’s Canadian cuisine.

We have so much diversity and international influence here that really informs our cuisine. I also think Canadian food is staying in tune with your local terroir.     

What makes you proud of the Canadian terroir?

The diversity of it all. With the quick changing of the seasons, it really keeps us on our toes.

Why do you participate in Food Day Canada?

It highlights the hard work of chefs, manufacturers, producers and really helps to show the value of our work. It also helps to translate the message of Canadian cuisine to our customers.

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