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Meet 10 Female Chefs Who Are Shaking Things Up


If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s because you are not looking: female chefs are shaking things up in our industry and working hard at elevating not only food but also the quality of life through food.

Restaurants Canada is proud to support these inspiring female chefs and was proud to honour  Joshna Maharaj with the 2018 Culinary Excellence Award for her amazing work creating outstanding food while following a career as a chef/speaker/activist.

Being part of making the world a better place through cooking, it is no surprise to learn that Joshna would be preparing a scrumptious banana cream pie for a very special dinner: Introducing the Greasy Spoon Dinner series – travelling all the way from Vancouver to Toronto!

After meeting at the RC Show 2018, where Mark Brand received the RC Award of Excellence for Leadership, Charlotte Langley and Mark connected on their common goal to fight food insecurity. They decided to join forces this year to bring awareness and raise money for associations like Sistering, which helps hundreds of women in Toronto get out the vicious circle of marginalization and poverty, and A Better Life Foundation, which raises funds to provide quality food security to women, children and those on assisted living.

With Chef Charlotte Langley and some serious women power chefs by her side, including Joshna, Mark Brand’s initiative is extending its reach from the west coast of the country. As Joshna says, they are “using social gastronomy to increase people’s access to good food”.

Since we all love food so much, help end food insecurity so that everyone can enjoy it as much as we do.

Meet 10 of the wonderful female chefs, who are always cooking for a cause:

  1. Chef Charlotte Langley 
  2. Chef Suzanne Barr
  3. Chef Veronica Mal
  4. Chef Rossy Earle
  5. Chef Georgia Zimbel
  6. Chef Tara Lee
  7. Chef Rachel Bies
  8. Chef Miriam Streiman
  9. Chef Eleanor Sim
  10. Chef Rebecca Russo

Wanna go behind the scenes, have a chat with these chefs that happen to be women, and see them in action as they put together a feast for a good cause?

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