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Sharon Hapton, CEO and Founder of Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers  2023 Innovation Service Award of Excellence Winner

Sharon Hapton’s unwavering commitment has transformed a big idea into a widespread charitable crusade, delivering four million “Hugs in a Bowl” to those grappling with food insecurity in Canada and the U.S. This effort is propelled by her initiatives, Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers, which unite communities to produce high-quality, wholesome, zero-waste soups from recipes crafted by skilled chefs. These soups are then distributed to regional agencies and aid organizations by a network of volunteers.

Since its inception in 2009, Sharon’s charitable project, driven by volunteers, has provided both nourishment and comfort. Amid the challenges of the pandemic, Sharon escalated her mission, establishing the pioneering Soup Sisters Soup Bank within a certified, food-safe commercial facility. This unique venture has since supplied over 200,000 pounds of soup to more than 40 agencies across Canada.

The success of Hapton’s vision for a world overflowing with kindness is a testament to her ingenious and strategic approach to business, embodying the pinnacle of social activism and a unique blueprint for enduring impact.

Sharon Hapton: The Restaurants Canada Award of Excellence for Soup Sisters exemplified an incredible confirmation from an industry that has always taken care of people through food.

It is at the heart of every Chef to build a more generous world where there is a collective understanding and desire to address our society’s needs through food and nurture. This was empowering for me as Soup Sisters strives towards a healthier and more inclusive future for everyone. We were deeply touched by the overwhelming kindness extended to us.

SH: We have taken enormous strides over the past year since winning the award. It has been a very challenging time for many, especially since the pandemic. We are continuing to see the growing demand for quality and nutritional food to fill the gaps in society, and we are highly focused on continued innovation and collaborative solutions—probably more so than ever before.

The award validated that others recognized we are on the right path to more positive change. And, I believe all social innovation needs to be recognized if we want to continue to make improvements.

SH: Every idea, no matter how small, has the potential to make a profound impact. These awards are not only a testament to the resilience and creativity of the human spirit, but they are also for every person who has contributed, collaborated and believed in the power of positive change on all levels. As for a philosophical impact, being nominated or winning an award validates the purpose and meaning behind an individual’s endeavours and reinforces the belief that their contributions align with a larger, meaningful narrative.

SH: Being nominated fosters a sense of community and shared success. We need to inspire others to strive for excellence and make positive contributions in their respective fields. As they continue to push boundaries, break barriers and pioneer new paths, instilling a sense of gratitude for their journeys is important and can be empowering. 

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