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This is Innovation: Foodservice Trend Predictions for 2017


As we move towards 2017, what is in my culinary crystal ball?

Hi, it’s Christine Couvelier. For over 30 years I have been a Global Culinary Trendologist, an Executive Chef and a Culinary Executive. I have been privileged to work with some of the world’s leading food companies & restaurant chains.

What do I love to do? Translate upcoming food trends into on-trend, on-time, great-tasting food products & menu items. I predict that 2017 will be a great year in the food world!


The Taste Of Tumeric

This colourful, aromatic powder from a perennial plant in the ginger family is set to wake up palates next year.

Tumeric has many health benefits – helping to promote a balanced mood, helping with aches & stiff joints & helps with inflammation. This flavourful spice is not just an ingredient in Indian dishes. During the past year we have seen it in bone broths and in tea. Watch for it in salad dressings, juices and smoothies.


Cheers to Mocktails

A makeover for mocktails! With fresh herbs and shrubs, this makes soda more than just a substitute for a cocktail. Watch for great drinks flavoured with teas, fruits – all sweetened with maple syrup or birch syrups. I recently had a fabulous mocktail sangria, made with hibiscus berry tea, basil infused maple syrup, apples and lemon at a cold-pressed juice bar.

It’s all about fresh! Innovative bartenders will be the stars of new restaurants as we toast 2017.

Nuts for Coconuts

The coconut trend is still growing. I believe we will see it grow further in 2017 and into 2018. Is it the next superfood?

We are seeing lots of versatility with coconut products and menu items. It’s not limited to just coconut water and beverages; look for innovation with chips, crackers, spreads, oils and vinegars.

Not to mention, I love using coconut flour! It’s not just a 1:1 substitute for all-purpose flour, so a bit of experimenting will be necessary in the test kitchen. Pancakes made with coconut flour are lighter and more delicate. Chocolate chip cookies will become a favourite with coconut flour, and I just tested a Banoffee sticky loaf for a sweet treat!


It’s all about the veggies and only getting bigger

Vegetables have been the centre of the plate for a while, but as we move into 2017, it is still about the greenhouse choices. Plant butchers, cauliflower rice, roasted radishes are only a few of the tasty innovations to come.

Meatless burgers: great tasting innovations from new proteins (insects, legumes, pulses etc.) will grow through 2017 and beyond.


Tastes To Watch

  • Kelp is the new Kale: it’s so healthy with lots of interesting varieties to choose from and is high in umami.
  • Harissa is the new Sriracha: drizzle this flavourful, North African hot chili pepper paste on hummus or grilled cauliflower and then toss on grilled shrimp for a wow!
  • Donuts are the new Cupcakes: not just a jelly donut anymore. Savoury donuts will be tempting more palates in 2017.

Watch for the next article in January 2017, focusing on where to look for trends and why knowing ‘What You Can Waffle’ is something for the food industry to pay attention to.

Read more about my taste and trends predictions for 2017 in this great Forbes article.


Taste! Taste! Taste!

christine-couvelierChristine Couvelier is a Global Culinary Trendologist, Executive Chef and Culinary Executive.  Christine is the past Executive Chef of President’s Choice, the Director of Culinary & Beverage/Executive Chef at Cara Operations, and the Chair of The Chef School of George Brown College. She worked on global innovation for Unilever and was the first Director of Culinary Strategy at Maple Leaf Foods.

Currently Christine continues to educate, teach, and inspire her customers through her consulting company Culinary Concierge, where she provides culinary solutions to assist clients in launching on-trend, on-time great tasting food products and menu items. For more information, contact Christine by email at or visit