Top Chicken Entrees

Flavours of various ethnicities are not only proliferating on menus, but are becoming an increasingly popular choice among diners. Looking at chicken entrees specifically, we can see that Asian is the most common variety of chicken dish on Canadian menus, by a significant margin. Varieties like sweet-and-sour, ginger, tandoori and curry are all in the spotlight.

Also popular on menus are chicken wings, which were listed 319 times on Canadian menus in the second quarter of 2017. Wings are a particularly flexible option, allowing guests to choose them as a starter, entree or even snack, and choose how many are consumed at each setting. Leading wing flavours include barbecue, honey garlic, Buffalo, and garlic, respectively.

A healthier option, grilled chicken, ranks fifth in popularity among chicken entrees. In fact, many operators specifically list this option on health-focused sections of their menus. Grilled meat also acts as a blank slate, allowing operators to get creative with marinades, sauces and toppings.

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