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Consumers are drinking less but looking for more. It’s time for premium wine.


In February 2022, a Statistics Canada report noted that wine sales had dipped four per cent in 2021-22. This was the largest volumetric decrease since 1949, the year the agency started tracking alcohol sales.

Yet, as consumption decreases, consumer demand for premium products and brand experiences is on the rise. The coincidental trendline may present new revenue and margin opportunities for smart operators.

When it comes to premium wines, it’s less about provision and all about distinction. Consumers are seeking a holistic, quality and discovery-driven drinking experience that draws in craft and taste of place. In return for their investment, they’re expecting to be taken on a more immersive, sensual journey via their wine selection.

Bertani has been crafting Italian territorial wines known for their identity and unmistakable stylistic profile since 1857. One of the most important wineries in Verona, it reflects the history of local agriculture, provincial winecraft and the region itself, with its original founders spurring on the development of Verona’s Valpolicella Valpantena wine district as early as 1870. In the 1950s, Bertani reimagined the sweet, sparkling Recioto della Valpolicella into the dry and luxe Amarone, one of Italy’s most celebrated reds. Bertani’s Amarone still sets the global standard for the taste of this powerful and full-bodied wine coveted around the world.

Serving Bertani wines adds the richness, quality and dimension to a bar menu consumers are looking for. They pair well with a wide range of dishes, small bites, cheeses and meats, lending themselves to a more distinctive, complete and profitable on-premises service.

Deliver premium experiences with Bertani signature wines.

2019 Bertani Amarone della Valpolicella Valpantena| Veneto Italy
Pair with rich dishes, pasta or risotto, mature cheeses and strong-flavoured meats like lamb or beef

This Bertani classic was rated 90 pts by Decanter magazine and it’s easy to taste why.

With a blend of Corvina Veronese (80%) and Rondinella (20%), this brazen red invites you in with intense aromas of cherries and blackberries with spicy notes of cinnamon and pepper. The wine envelops with a soft, creamy mouthfeel and finishes with fleshy tannins. Sublime.

2021 Bertani Valpolicella Valpantena | Veneto, Italy
Ideal with grilled red meats, medium-aged cheese or with pasta dishes or seasoned white meats

The vibrant ruby colour of this wine teases its richness and potency. The nose opens with intense aromas of red currant, plum, raspberry and black cherry, enriched by pleasant spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon for a savoury lightness on the palate with fresh tannins.

Since 1972, Mark Anthony Wine & Spirits pioneering work has continue to develop the Canadian premium wine market. A family-run producer and importer, their wines are curated from fine wineries, breweries and distilleries from nearly 20 countries around the world.

Their consignment wines bring exclusive vintages within reach, for a more exclusive and appealing offering for customers and greater profitability for operators. 

Shop Bertani and learn more at Mark Anthony Wine and Spirits.

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