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The Quarterly Canadian Restaurant Intelligence Report

S.Pellegrino presents Heart of the House

For the last 120 years, S.Pellegrino has inspired people to savour life and tasteful moments around the table promoting culinary culture all over the world. This global success story could not have been achieved without the crucial contribution of local culinary communities. The brand is always grateful to the people who help Canadians savour the very best that life has to offer.

S.Pellegrino, a proud partner of the culinary community, has long been inspired by line cooks who add flavour to dining establishments around the world. The brand sees the work they do day-after-day, values their critical role within a well-run kitchen and appreciates their expertise that enriches every plate.

Because the kitchen is the heart of every restaurant, and its pulse is powered by every line chef, S.Pellegrino wants to offer these individuals a special opportunity and ensure that line cooks are celebrated as valuable members of the culinary community. As the past two years have been devastatingly challenging for the gastronomy industry in Canada, S.Pellegrino wants to share a token of gratitude to those who have been working hard to maintain their livelihoods and serve Canadians delicious meals through it all.

A Celebration of Hard-Working Chefs

As a way of saying “thank you” to Canada’s talented chefs de partie for their hard work and dedication especially over the past two years, S.Pellegrino is launching a series of special celebrations entitled: “Heart of the House.”

This new initiative looks to rally together line cooks in support of the future of dining and to support morale within the culinary industry.

The first of its kind event will be taking place on May 18, 2022, hosted in partnership with Alo Restaurant. To help the inaugural event come to fruition, S.Pellegrino is asking Toronto/GTA restaurant owners, chefs and industry peers to nominate a deserving line cook for the opportunity to receive a seat at this prestigious table. Following the inaugural event, the brand looks to expand the series throughout the rest of Canada.

At each Heart of the House engagement, a group of nominated line cooks within the outlined Canadian city will enjoy a complimentary evening on the other side of the kitchen door. The evening will see these chefs enjoy canapes and cocktails, as well as savouring fine food and wine while relaxing and mingling with their esteemed peers.

Nominate a Deserving Colleague

Nominations are now open for the first Heart of the House event! If you are part of the Greater Toronto Area restaurant community, you can help S.Pellegrino celebrate these valued team members by nominating a deserving line cook today. Simply click here and complete the brief nomination form. A nomination from you will show your valued team members just how much you appreciate their efforts day in and day out.

Nominations will close on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. Selected attendees will be contacted directly shortly thereafter to confirm their attendance and provide further details on the evening. More information about Heart of the House can be found here:

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The Quarterly Canadian Restaurant Intelligence Report