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The Quarterly Canadian Restaurant Intelligence Report

Leveraging Canadian Eggs for Menu Profitability


As provinces across Canada edge towards further stages of reopening, restaurants are having to adapt to a new COVID-19 reality. In a recent survey conducted by Restaurants Canada, 24 per cent of single-unit foodservice operators are open for on-premise dining and 28 per cent of multi-unit operators have at least one location open for on-premise dining.

While restaurants reopening is marked as a positive for many operators as well as consumers, operators are facing a set of new challenges as they move forward. In fact, six out of 10 foodservice businesses reported (in the same survey) that they are operating at a loss. With some restaurants now open, many are looking for ways to draw consumers back into their establishments, some of whom may still be wary of the prospect of dining out. 

Now more than ever, operators are focused on producing a positive bottom line. Shifting attention to menu development can help operators cut costs and bring people back into their restaurants.

There is a lot of concern around cost-efficient ingredients with a COVID-19-impacted supply chain. Throughout the pandemic, Canadian egg farmers remained dedicated, delivering a continuous supply of fresh, local, high-quality eggs. This makes eggs a reliable and cost-effective protein that is sure to benefit a restaurant’s bottom line. They are a proven menu item, with egg servings in the foodservice industry increasing by 10 per cent in the last year. 

Eggs are not only great for profitability, but they are also incredibly versatile and easy to prepare. With the possibility of limited kitchen staff to encourage social distancing, many restaurants will be looking to streamline their menus, focusing on items they know they can source and prepare to a high standard. Eggs are a terrific option as they can be prepared by kitchen staff of any skill level, with minimal kitchen space and equipment. Eggs are easy to store and available in a variety of quantities – from pre-prepared on a commercial scale to by-the-dozen for smaller operations.

Trend reports show us that as diners return to restaurants, they will be looking for both comfort food and health-conscious dishes. Eggs offer comforting familiarity in all-day breakfast specials or dressed up in more sophisticated offerings like scotch eggs or shakshuka. Eggs are unique in that they are used in almost all cuisines around the world.

Eggs can play a key role in adapting menu items to meet your customer’s unique dietary needs, which is a must in a world full of health and socially conscious eaters. They serve as a great alternative to meat, making your classic menu items vegetarian, halal, or kosher. High in protein and low in carbohydrates, eggs are also a staple in the keto diet. 

Additionally, the low cost of eggs means that restaurant operators are able to earn higher margins, especially as an add-on to popular menu items. Adding a fried egg on a burger isn’t only Instagram-friendly, but also an easy way to achieve a higher price point that doesn’t require much additional labour or time. 

Make eggs a staple in your post-COVID kitchen. They are a cost effective, versatile ingredient that will help give your restaurant the boost it needs to get back on its feet.  For more information about how eggs can help visit

3 Easy Ways to Leverage Eggs for Your Restaurant Recovery Program

All-Day Breakfast

Although the morning daypart took a dramatic hit during the pandemic, this is not a reflection of how consumers feel about breakfast food. In 2018, 2019, and even in COVID-impacted 2020, breakfast items appeared in at least 10 per cent of all orders in Canada, according to Ipsos data. Create or expand an all-day breakfast menu to capitalize on pent-up demand and serve easy, margin-friendly meals from open to close.

Keep Things Flowing in the Kitchen

Time has always been money in foodservice, but the need for turnover has never been greater than it is now. Using liquid egg whites or whole eggs streamlines kitchen prep and reduces waste handling for everything from clarifying soup stock to pouring the perfect Whisky Sour.

Eye-catching Eggs for Insta

If you’re cutting back on your marketing budget, using eggs can turn ordinary dishes into Instagram fodder for foodies and free advertising for you. Slide a perfect sunny-side-up onto a burger, steak, or even a pizza and watch the phones come out. 

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