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Canada’s Only Robotic Pizza Chain Shares Six Ways They’re Supporting Key Stakeholders During COVID-19

As foodservice providers across Canada learn to adapt their businesses during these unprecedented times, Canadians are looking to see what their favourite bar or restaurant is doing to keep their patrons safe, as well as support those who need it most. Businesses that make quick decisions, lead with emotional intelligence, and think creatively will be in the best position to weather this storm and set up for success when the country reopens.

Winner of the Innovation Award at RC Show 2020, PizzaForno is a revolutionary automated pizza oven chain. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, PizzaForno is looking at many of the same challenges other operators are, though as a self-serving automated pizza maker, these challenges take on a different perspective. As they navigate the global health crisis, PizzaForno shares its best practices on how to support customers and the community during this time.

For more information on best practices during COVID-19 reopening and recovery, see the Restaurants Canada COVID-19 Rapid Recovery Guide.

Increase Your Health & Safety Measures

  • PizzaForno has installed hand sanitizer dispensers at each automated pizza oven location, allowing customers to disinfect before and after using the interactive touch screen.

Are your customers aware of the health practices your business has implemented to keep them safe? Instituting proper and accurate cleaning and health procedures is vital to ensuring the safety of everyone in your establishment. And these measures should be communicated effectively to consumers.

Providing hand sanitizer to customers and ensuring your team is wearing masks and gloves is a clear indication that you are prioritizing your patrons’ health and wellness. Commonly touched surfaces need to be thoroughly disinfected for a hygienic environment.

Be sure to communicate these new measures and your business’s drive for continuous improvement and prioritization of your customer’s health and safety through social media, newsletters, or on-site / on-screen displays; this will give customers peace of mind that it is safe to purchase food from your establishment.

Keep On Tappin’

  • All PizzaForno machines only accept tap payments, eliminating the need for customers to physically press POS buttons. Along with PizzaForno’s tap screen, the payment terminals are disinfected on a regular basis.

To limit physical contact, going cashless (even temporarily) is one way to keep your customers and staff safe. Disinfect your POS terminals regularly to maintain hygiene across all B2C touchpoints. Effectively using technology to assist your customer base makes it easier and faster for them to get their food offerings during these difficult times and puts you above the curve.

Keep Your Distance

  • For PizzaForno, it’s simple to maintain social distance – fresh pizzas are baked to perfection in a patented convection oven and transported by a robotic arm to customers – no human interaction involved. When machines are refilled and disinfected, only one PizzaForno employee is on-site at a time, to maintain social distancing.

During this time, Canadians are keeping a healthy distance and patronizing businesses who do the same. Identify opportunities to create physical space between your staff and customers by thinking outside of your usual practices and offering services such as online ordering, curbside pick-up and contactless delivery. Finding creative solutions will be appreciated by your end customer, as well as your staff.

Support Local

  • PizzaForno pizzas are made with locally sourced, all-natural ingredients, which has played a crucial role in continuing pizza production without interruptions during the pandemic.

As you already know, buying local has many positives – it allows you to invest in the local economy, support local farmers, reduce food miles, and limit greenhouse gas emissions. Supporting local is key – now more than ever – as many foodservice providers have faced challenges procuring product from abroad.

Recognize Frontline & Essential Workers

  • To support healthcare workers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, PizzaForno discount codes are being provided that subsidize the cost of pizzas. A new machine has also been installed at the Petro Canada Dixie Petro-Pass, which offers nutritious and convenient menu items to truck drivers who have struggled to find food options during the pandemic.

With frontline and essential workers working hard for the broader community, it is worth going the extra mile to help support them as well, and there are many ways to do this. Whether it is offering complimentary meals, sending surprise ‘treats’ for hospital staff, or other incentive programs, look for ways to make meals a little bit easier for those putting their lives on the line.

Food Donations Serve Those In Need

  • PizzaForno has partnered with Food Rescue, a not-for-profit organization that rescues nutritious food directly from local donors and has donated fresh pizzas to in-need families across Ontario and as far as Manitoulin Island.

With unemployment numbers across Canada on the rise, food banks have seen a dramatic increase in those in need of their services. For foodservice providers, this provides a unique opportunity to donate meals and grocery staples to local food banks and food donation charities to help feed fellow Canadians.

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