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3 ways to keep up with changing guest preferences


Consumer preferences are changing, and your offerings need to meet those demands. Digital ordering, experiential dining and portability are three trends that you can capitalize on to stay ahead of the competition and satisfy your guests.

Digital ordering is on the rise

Over the past five years, digital carryout orders have grown 285% compared to 89% for digital delivery orders1. With an increased number of guests opting to eat meals at home, restaurants and operators are forced to replicate the dine-in experience away from the restaurant. 

Fries are the most popular food across all generations at restaurants2, yet 30% of takeout and delivery eaters do not order fries for fear they will be soggy3. Lamb Weston’s Crispy on Delivery fries provide guests with the crispy fry they desire at home using a light, invisible batter that maintains optimal crispiness for up to 30 minutes when used with vented packaging. 

Give them a reason to celebrate

Millennials and older Gen Z will account for 40% of visits to restaurants by 20234 and both generations choose to dine at restaurants when looking for new experiences or opportunities to connect with friends and family. Regularly offering limited time offers (LTOs) is a great way to make your restaurant the go-to destination for your guests next outing. In fact, 59% of consumers say they’ve visited a restaurant they don’t usually go to just to try an LTO5.

Because fries are one of the most profitable foods on the menu6 they’re a safe bet to use as a foundation for new menu items. A win for both you and your guests, new Lamb Weston® Potato Dippers™ combine the familiar French fry taste they crave in a unique, bite-sized cut and offer endless versatility for your menu. Potato Dippers™ fries can be used as a side to menu classics, like spinach and artichoke dip, or as a bed for any sharable or topped and loaded item. 

Get them on the go

As time becomes more precious, provide guests with premium breakfast items that they can take on the go without sacrificing taste. On the other hand, operators are looking for unique product solutions that draw in traffic during the morning or mid-morning dayparts. Lamb Weston® Waffled Hash Browns are a delicious twist on Belgian-style waffles, made from real shredded potatoes and are baked to crispy perfection that can be used in a variety of formats all day. For example, serve Waffled Hash Browns individually, as a breakfast sandwich substitute, or as a side to soups.

We’re on the Case™ at Lamb Weston! Contact your Fry Expert to discover even more ways to keep up with changing guest preferences. For more information visit


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