Here we look at the fastest-growing flavours on burgers on Canadian menus over the latest year-over-year period.

By a significant margin, Havarti is the fastest-growing flavour, increasing 33.3%. Concepts are often featuring this cheese with jalapeno or habanero notes to add a kick of spice. Heat is also popping up in the form of chipotle on burgers, up 11.5%. Chipotle-infused mayonnaise or speciality sauces, in particular, are trending.

Truffles are seeing growth on both vegetarian and meat burgers, up 17.6%. Most chains offer this mushroom in an aioli or oil, adding an earthy and garlicky flavour. The ingredient lends a premium perception to burgers, a facet many consumers would be willing to pay more for.

Also growing is pungent blue cheese, rising 13.6% in menu incidence. Time will tell if this divisive flavour continues to trend on burgers, as only 11% of consumers say they’d it on a burger, according to the Canadian Burger Consumer Trend Report.