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Feeding People in Need


What does it truly mean to give thanks? And how are we best able to show appreciation for our good fortune?

It doesn’t necessarily take a grand gesture. It can be as simple — and rewarding — as helping a family put food on the table.

This Thanksgiving, Paramount Fine Foods has partnered with the International Development and Relief Foundation to launch a turkey drive. Our goal: To raise $25,000 so we can deliver 500 turkeys to families in need. 

We need your help to get there. Every single dollar donated to Feeding People in Need will go to providing Thanksgiving turkeys for Canadian families.

The past 18 months have been tough for everyone – but they’ve been especially hard on lower-income families, many of whom were already experiencing food insecurity. 

I know this from my own community: A shocking number of Canadians, including children, are going hungry.

Even before the pandemic, a university study found that more than four million Canadians were experiencing food insecurity. Anecdotally, we know that number is on the rise. Some food banks saw 40 per cent more people in the months following the start of the pandemic.

I’ve been proud to work with my local food bank and other organizations to help people get access to healthy food on an ongoing basis. If you have the means, I encourage you to do the same. There’s no better way to support the people in your own community.

But this is a special time of year — a time to reflect and show gratitude. And in this moment, we can help a Canadian family have a better and more fulfilling holiday by stepping up and sharing our bounty. 

A donated turkey is more than the foundation of a good Thanksgiving meal. It’s a symbol of our determination to support one another as we continue to battle through a difficult and unpredictable time. It is, quite simply, a way of showing that we care.

And it’s not only the families in need who benefit. There is a special feeling that comes from lending a hand. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes from acting with purpose — and knowing that your gesture of kindness will brighten the day of a family that is facing challenge and difficulty.

On behalf of my own family — and my team of amazing people at Paramount Fine Foods — I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. And I encourage you to share that sense of contentment and community by acting now to help a family in need.

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