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Fastest-growing ingredients in frozen non-alcoholic beverages


Here we look at the fastest-growing ingredients in frozen nonalcohol beverages on Canadian menus over the latest two-year period. With 38% of consumers agreeing that restaurants should offer healthier beverages and almost a quarter (23%) reporting they would be likely to order beverages that offer functional benefits, operators are spotlighting nutritious, energy-boosting ingredients in their frozen drinks.

Kale and spinach—both healthy, green vegetables—rose by 43.5% and 14.3%, respectively. Both are commonly spotlighted in power-packed smoothies, adding rich sources of iron, and vitamin A and C. Restaurants are pairing the slightly bitter tastes of kale and spinach with the diverse flavours of other superfoods, including tart raspberries and sweet strawberries. For example, Freshly Squeezed menus its Energize Smoothie, featuring strawberry and kale.

Another way concepts are fueling their frozen beverages is through the addition of coffee, up 23.8%. With nearly a quarter of consumers (24%) reporting that they are ordering more cold, iced or blended coffee now than two years ago, operators are featuring coffee, including cold brew, in on-trend frozen drinks and smoothies that often include almond milk and rich chocolate flavours.

Tropical flavours, pineapple and coconut, also grew by 14.1% and 12.8%, respectively. Potassium-rich coconut is popping up as water, milk and cream in slushes and smoothies, while operators are pairing pineapple’s sweet flavours with orange juice and other tropical flavours, including mango and lychee. Since over a quarter of consumers (26%) report that their beverage preferences change depending on the season, operators should especially incorporate warm tropical flavours during spring and summer.


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