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Looking for food trends in Las Vegas


Shows, slot machines, shopping … that’s what you hear about trips to Las Vegas. But the food doesn’t take back seat to anything: on a recent visit to the city, I tasted more than a few trend-worthy bites. Here’s what I learned.


The buzz around The Impossible Burger is heating up. The ‘burger formally known as plants’ is only available at a few select restaurants. The first American restaurant  to feature this innovative dish was Momofuku Nishi in NYC, and it received rave reviews from diners who loved the taste and realized it was the future of non-meat burgers.

Andrea’s in the Encore/Wynn Hotel is the only restaurant in Las Vegas to feature The Impossible Burger. Served as sliders, on  buns with house-made kimchi, pickles and a kochujang aioli, this burger is a taste experience! Order it medium rare for a juicy, flavourful taste of the future of plant-based burgers.

Tip 1: What plant-based offerings are you exploring on your menus? Most menus offer at least one vegetarian or vegan option, and many feature only plant-based food. This trend just keeps getting bigger.


Wynn hotel restaurants


A stop at Eggslut in the Cosmopolitan Hotel will make you smile!

Started in a food truck and then in the Grand Central Market in LA, this egg-focused, gourmet food concept has a cultlike following.

Chicken prints

The founders want this to be an experience for all customers. Their focus is the quality and the taste of their food, consistent presentation and great customer service. It’s all about ‘comfort food with a twist.’

Be ready for a fun-filled wait in line!

Don’t miss watching them make you a Fairfax – a cage-free scrambled egg with chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and sriracha mayo on a warm brioche bun.

But then again ~ how can you not order the Slut – a cage-free coddled egg on top of a smooth potato puree, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette?

Tip 2. Creativity, made-to-order food, great tastes and customer service are a winning combination!


You can’t visit Las Vegas without trying one of the many restaurants owned by a celebrity chef.

Giada de Laurentiis has opened her signature restaurant, Giada, in the Cromwell Hotel, and it features a spectacular setting with huge windows overlooking the Bellagio fountains.

Not sure what to expect, I was overwhelmed by the number of wait staff, who stop at all the tables. As I listened to their stories, I began to notice they sounded like they grew up being best friends with Giada, and now want to present her favourite childhood recipes on the menu.

In all, the setting was well thought out and had a Vegas sparkle.

Tip 3. Customers enjoy bonding with the wait staff, and if the servers have stories to share, it can make for an interesting experience.

See the photo at the top of this post for a serving from Giada.

Taste! Taste! Taste!

Christine Couvelier

Christine Couvelier is a Global Culinary Trendologist, Executive Chef and Culinary Executive.  Christine is the past Executive Chef of President’s Choice, the Director of Culinary & Beverage/Executive Chef at Cara Operations, and the Chair of The Chef School of George Brown College. She worked on global innovation for Unilever and was the first Director of Culinary Strategy at Maple Leaf Foods. Currently Christine continues to educate, teach, and inspire her customers through her consulting company Culinary Concierge, where she provides culinary solutions to assist clients in launching on-trend, on-time great tasting food products and menu items. For more information, contact Christine by email at or visit