Here we take a look at the fastest-growing ingredients found on Canadian kids menus over the latest year-over-year period.

As an ingredient, pork increased 31.3% on kids menus in a yearlong period. Pulled pork, in particular, is an increasingly popular ingredient in barbecue offerings. However, operators are introducing a wide variety of pork items for kids, especially Mediterranean-inspired items, such as pork souvlaki, pork skewers and gyros.

Jasmine rice is primarily being offered as a healthier side for kids entrees. Some chains, such as The Boathouse, offer it as a side option for any kids dish. Other chains pair it with equally healthy entrees, namely grilled chicken and salmon.

Up 20% in the latest year-over-year period, berry also makes the list of fastest-growing ingredients on kids menus. Health has a lot to do with this growth, as berries provide antioxidants and other health benefits, particularly on breakfast items. Operators are adding berries to waffles, granola, cereal and fruit-forward drinks.


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