This month, we look at the fastest-growing flavours in specialty drinks on Canadian adult beverage menus. The percentages below represent growth experienced in a year-over-year period.

Multiple herbaceous flavours made the list of fastest-growing specialty cocktail flavours in the latest year-long period. Basil, for example, grew by 50%. Mint is also increasingly popular, experiencing a 12% growth in this same period.

Bold flavours, such as bitter and spiced, are also proliferating in specialty cocktails. These distinct tastes can help differentiate an adult beverage menu. Operators, for example, can impart unique bitter flavours by utilizing local, specialty bitters in their cocktails. And spiced is particularly appealing in the fall and winter seasons, when guests are looking for holiday-inspired flavour profiles such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and clove.

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Specialty cocktail flavours


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