Soup, by a significant margin, is the leading type of appetizer on Canadian menus, according to Kristin Menas of Technomic. Looking further, the fastest-growing soup varieties are consomme, pho and ramen, indicating an increasing interest in authentic soups from a variety of cultures.

Next, we see non-breaded proteins on the list. Among this category, the leading type is satay/kabob, further supporting a trend toward diverse cuisines, as well as an interest in street foods as appetizers. Beyond kabobs, non-breaded protein appetizers largely include seafood options like fish, shrimp, oysters, sushi and mussels.

Alternatively, breaded proteins appear slightly lower on this same list. Once again, there is a movement toward more diverse culinary options in this category with Asian egg and spring rolls as well as dumplings being listed. Other classic appetizers are often on menus – think onion rings, jalapeno poppers and fried pickles. In general, fried veggies are increasingly popular, with operators offering breaded zucchini, mushrooms, artichokes and green beans.



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