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Why You Need to Party with Food Day Canada

CANADA TURNS 150 this year, and Food Day Canada wants to party with you. On August 5, 2017, you’re invited to relish the magnificent flavours and foods of our home and native land. This annual festivity brings Canadians together to give thanks to our farmers, fishers and chefs—everyone who plays…

Ask & Answer: How Do You Combat Cancellations and No-Shows?

Got reservations about reservations? If you’re a restaurant operator, you probably should. With today’s vast world of choices, and a lack of online accountability, diners may whimsically change their minds about restaurant reservations. It’s when they don’t let you know in a timely fashion—or worse, not show up at all—that it eats into your bottom line.

We’re in the hospitality industry, so charging a cancellation fee isn’t exactly hospitable. So, what do we do? Do we overbook? Take a deposit? Publicly shame repeat offenders? Or dump reservations altogether? There’s no easy answer, but here’s what these industry professionals do to contain the madness:

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Elric Nielsen doesn’t want you to go hungry

Elric Nielsen is fed up with hunger. As general manager of Sodexo Canada’s foodservice operations at Bow Valley College in Calgary, Elric has cooked up a number of ways to fight hunger in his community and across the country. In fact, his appetite for change is so strong, he’s been…

Jesse Kupina throws great parties for great causes

Jesse Kupina knows how to throw a party like no other, and he’s using his mad skills to make a difference in Edmonton’s hospitality industry. As the co-owner of Two 12 Social Co., a hospitality, restaurant and entertainment company, Jesse is always looking for cool new ways to create a…

The Salisbury Big Stop can’t stop giving to charity

Although they won’t admit it, the team at the Salisbury Big Stop are local heroes. The Big Stop and Silver Fox Restaurant in Salisbury, New Brunswick, recently donated $101,640 to the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. But this isn’t a one-time deal. The volunteers and staff have been using the…