Introducing AnyCard, Canada’s first electronic gift card marketplace and the easiest way for any business in the restaurant or hospitality industry to sell their gift cards online.

No more worrying about printing out your own gift cards or purchasing expensive and wasteful plastic cards. AnyCard’s highly optimized merchant dashboard makes it easy for businesses to redeem, track and report sales, providing you with an effortless e-gift card management system. E-gift cards are a proven way to increase sales and attract new customers.

AnyCard saves you time, money, and allows your e-gift card sales to flow 24/7

“Since signing up my restaurant up for AnyCard we have been able to significantly increase our sales. To date we have processed thousands of dollars of e-gift card sales which we would have not have otherwise captured.” ~ Paul F, Lakeshore Steakhouse

“I own and operate a café & restaurant in a small town and I had no idea that electronic gift cards would help my business so much. Customers enjoy not having to visit the café just to buy a gift card, they do it right on their phones! “ ~ Kasia K, Sisters Café

Special promotion for all Restaurant Canada members: Register with AnyCard before November  15th and we’ll waive our 8% delivery and processing fee on all e-gift cards redeemed before January 31, 2017.