100 % Natural Canadian Spring Water with naturally occurring electrolytes, essential minerals and an alkaline pH of 8.1. Founded by Nicholas Reichenbach,  FLOW is a socially responsible spring water brand committed to providing the highest quality water while maintaining holistically mindful business practices including sustainability, good health and social responsibility.

FLOW’s mission is to provide health-oriented, environmentally conscious customers with an alternative to processed and/or plastic bottled water; with the added health benefits of drinking naturally alkaline spring water that is sourced locally and sustainably.
• Feel Good – no industrial processing or additives—just 100% natural Canadian spring water
• Be Good – sustainable packaging with minimal carbon footprint
• Do Good – positive change starts with you @flowwater
FLOW water is nurtured for thousands of years in a deep Canadian aquifer where it naturally collects the essential minerals which give FLOW its smooth, delicious taste.
• Naturally Alkaline with a High pH of 8.1
• Sustainable Source
• Natural Electrolytes
• Essential Minerals
No plastic bottles.
Our packages come from non-PET and BPA-free recyclable paperboard.
• Sustainable Packaging
• Minimized Carbon Footprint